3D Design

We provide 3D design services. We design devices and steel constructions in Autodesk Inventor by experienced designers.

Sheet metal laser processing ensures:

  • making details of any, very complicated shapes,
  • repeatability of workmanship at the same level for both the series and individual copies,
  • high quality workmanship, without the need for finishing treatment,
  • material saving due to the narrow cutting gap and optimization of the details distribution on the sheet,

  • low implementation costs.

Sheet metal bending

We offer precise sheet metal bending services on a press brake:
  • Safan E-Brake 100T – Fast and precise bending of thinner sheets.
  • Safan 170T – Bending of thick sheets up to 3m in length while maintaining very high accuracy.

A large range of tools allows us to perform various, sometimes very complicated bends.


We offer welding services in steel, stainless and aluminum sheets. We weld using the MIG and TIG methods.

Robotic welding /welding robot

We have a welding robot that works in 4 axes.

Turning, milling

We have conventional and CNC lathes and milling machines.

Bending pipes and profiles

We have two pipe benders; we bend pipes from fi 10 to fi 60 and from 60 to 100 mm in diameter.

CNC cutting saw

Cutting on CNC saw provides high repeatability for large series.

Riveting, embedding pins

Connecting with rivets, rivets with internal thread, welded pins, pressed pins – these are frequent elements of production processes, without which it is impossible to achieve the desired effect.

Steel elements

We carry out orders for the production of complete elements, starting from the design phase, through product samples, to achieving the final result in the form of a finished product accepted by the client. Thanks to such processes as laser cutting, bending on press brakes, welding, coating, deposition of welded rivets, pressed rivets etc. we can perform complex orders for both small and large series of elements.

  • Laser cut parts

  • Enclosures/metal housing

  • Machinery

  • Devices

  • Stands, advertising elements

Stainless steel components

We carry out orders for production from stainless sheets. Stainless steel thanks to its properties, corrosion resistance, acidic substances, provides the possibility of use in an aggressive environment. At the same time, its shiny appearance means that it is used for the production of decorative elements such as fittings, industrial and home fittings, etc. In our production we use all types of stainless steel with various coatings such as polished, shiny, satin or leather.

  • Decorative elements
  • Crates, containers
  • Enclosures

  • Railings

Varnish and galvanic coverings

Due to constant cooperation with external companies, we realize orders for products with varnish and electroplating covers. Such a production system allows you to make a finished product for you without spending time transporting semi-finished products to subsequent service providers.

Steel elements stamping

We stamp steel parts according to our own designs and those provided by the customer. Small- and large-scale.